Veronica Tamsitt

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New South Wales

I am an ocean scientist interested in understanding the influence of the Southern Ocean on global climate, using ship-based observations, autonomous research platforms and geophysical models. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Center for Southern Hemisphere Ocean Research based in Hobart (CSHOR), working on the Southern Ocean dynamics, circulation and water mass formation project with Steve Rintoul and Matthew England. As a member of the CSHOR team I am working with state-of-the-art climate models and novel ocean observations to investigate different aspects of the Southern Ocean circulation. I am passionate about connecting science to the wider world through effective science communication, including data visualisation, public outreach and evidence-based policy.


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Education (CV)

Ph.D. in Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2018

B. Sc. in Oceanography (Honors), minor in Mathematics, University of Washington, 2012

Teaching and Outreach

I am currently the AMOS Education and Outreach Committee Chair, coordinating Australia-wide weather, climate and ocean outreach and educational programs. I will be an instructor on board the RV Investigator for the CAPSTAN program, sailing from Hobart to Fremantle in April 2019. I previously developed curriculum and taught a high school summer class on environmental science and policy, wrote for Oceanbites, and kept a cruise blog on a trip to the Southern Ocean